Elavon's VirtualMerchant Mobile App

Take payments on the go
(Costco Connection, 4/2013)
VirtualMerchant Mobile
User Guide (Elavon, 2013)

Take payments on the go

If you're a small-business owner, who conducts business at trade shows or outdoor markets or if you provide off-site services, mobile credit card processing isn't just a convenience, it's an essential business tool. Many business owners are finding, that adding the option of mobile credit-card payments increases overall sales and the amount of individual transactions.

Elavon's VirtualMerchant Mobile app lets you accept payments anywhere, you go, using your smartphone or tablet. The application works with most Apple and Android mobile devices. You can easily key-enter payment information or choose to add Elavon's secure card reader to process swiped transactions. Customers simply sign the screen and an electronic receipt is e-mailed to them.

The VirtualMerchant Mobile app improves the sales experience for your customers and can also help you save money, because it eliminates the need for a dedicated phone line and additional equipment. It can also be used within your store to accept payments during peak sales seasons, essentially creating a new payment terminal without the added expense. The app even allows for the capture of the purchase description, invoice number and address information to provide detailed insights into payment activity.

For more information visit Costco.com, select "Services" and then "Merchant Credit Card Processing" or call 1-866-451-4008 and reference code 83101!