Government Jobs

  There are ONLY THESE 3 reliable websites to look for government jobs, one per each government agency. All 3 are government websites, because they are the ones, who publish their own job openings, nobody else. Everything else is second-hand and cannot be trusted, period.

  Especially beware of Civil Service Exam preparation schools claiming to give you "placement (assistance)" and find out just what exactly they mean by that and if it doesn't include "devising a personal strategy just for you one-on-one", until you find a government job tailored to your qualifications, don't go for it! Also don't fall for their claims like "There are jobs for everyone even with no college (degree, credits or hours) requirements or no experience necessary.", but instead check on it on these websites, because almost always (I don't want to sound absolute or exclusive, but "always" without exception is quite possible, too) you will find that college degrees or years of too specific experience are indeed required, no matter what the schools say. The only true no-experience, no-degree job is probably Food Service Worker, but that pays only $5.15 or $6.40 an hour, which is way below the $12 minimum that those fake schools advertise, just to get some students in. One school especially to avoid, although they advertise in The Chief, is the following:

American Career Center
500 - 8th Avenue, 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10018