Gender Law

Equal Rights & Responsibilities for Men & Women, Nothing Less!


Proofs of Discrimination against Men

  • "Ladies free before 12 a.m." card
       (handed out on the street in Astoria, NY, by Soel Lounge, 11-24-2007)
  • "Ladies Night / No Cover for the Ladies, Free Admission" card
       (found in Astoria, NY in 2012, by Tropix Ba & Lounge)
  • "Ladies Free Till 11 pm" card
       (received by mail in 2012)
  • 4 Animals
       (Lighter Side printed catalog & website, 5-9-2008)
  • Wife's Christmas Present
       (Ugly Boy TV, but I got it e-mailed by a friend on 1-6-2009)
  • Women-owned businesses aim for the million-dollar mark (Poor women...)
       (Costco Connection, 9/2009)
  • Girl Power (from May Day demo, NYC, 5-1-2010)
       Men don't cry out for Man Power, so women shouldn't, either.
       This nasty cry for gender domination should be illegal.
       And being lazy is NOT a virtue, so don't brag about it and
       don't expect men to do your work for you, to pick up after
       you and to pick up the slack, as so often the case! Each
       of you gets a salary, so work for yours yourself!
  • You Go, Girl! (on 23rd St. off Queensboro Plaza, NYC, 9-11-2010)
       Spurring on only women on purpose, as if men didn't count and
       were okay to be left behind or forgotten. It's like saying: all we
       care about, are women. But when men are needed at the cash
       register or to pay the waiter, then suddenly they're looking for
       us and then women somehow don't yell "You go, girl!" at that
       moment. Then men are expected to step up to the plate and
       perform their "duty" as men: PAY! How disgusting! Next time
       the waiter brings the bill, the man should just say: "You go,
       girl!" Of course, after that there won't be another date. That's,
       how women blackmail men, (ab)using sex as a weapon.
  • Ad in subway car (N line, NYC, 9-11-2010)
       Despicable Daffy's ad probably designed by a woman. "Marry
       for love and look like you married for money!" sends the wrong
       message that marrying for money is okay and that wanting to
       look like you married for money is something desirable, while
       in reality this idea is sheer disgusting, except in some sick
       women's minds, who are okay with it! It also distorts people's
       values, because marrying for love is portrayed here as something
       not to be emphasized, something secondary, something less important,
       something to be ashamed of, something not to be admitted, something
       not to be proud of, rather to be kept secret. But why should anyone be
       ashamed of marrying for love and NOT for money? Let's restore people's
       values in their heads and stop brainwashing them into immoral, but
       business-inducing concepts! Stop encouraging women to regard
       relationships as money sources, as opportunities to make money,
       which benefits only ONE gender and leaves the other poor and
       used, taken advantage of, sucked dry, exploited! Stop teaching
       women, how to be (behave/live like) parasites!

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