March on Wall Street and AIG

New York City
April 3, 2009
1 p.m.

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  1. Bail out workers and students! - Jobs, health care & free, quality education!
  2. Bail out women & our communities, not the banks! (Men, too!)
  3. No more money for Wall Street and war! - Demand jobs and income for the workers & poor!
  4. Bail out the people, not the banks!
  5. Regulate the profiteers!
  6. Fund jobs & human needs!
  7. Bring the troops home now!
  8. People need jobs!
  9. El pueblo necesita empleos!
  10. Health care now! - HR 676: one plan, one nation - Organizing for a national single-payer health care system
  11. No more bailout arenas! - The United States taxpayer > $170 billion > AIG > $8.5 billion > Barclays > $400 million naming rights > ForestCity Enterprises
  12. Angry? Unite, organize and fight back!
  13. No layoffs! No fare hikes! No tuition hikes! No cutbacks!
  14. All out for May 1st rally, Union Square!
  15. Solidarity = power! March on May Day!
  16. Solidaridad = poder! Marchemos el 1-o de mayo!
  17. Bail out the unemployed!
  18. Two million people in prison! Jobs, not jails! Capitalists are the real criminals!
  19. Trabajos con salarios syndicatos por todos!
  20. Nightmare on Wall Street!
  21. Union yes! Pass the Employee Free Choice Act!
  22. Free Mumia Abu Jamal! Free Leonard Peltier! Free the Cuban 5!
  23. Stop foreclosures & evictions! Moratorium now!
  24. Community Chest: Go to jail! - Go directly to jail! - You're not too big to fail! - Do not collect our $700,000,000,000 bail!
  25. Arrest Bush!
  26. King's dream: a job or an income for all!
  27. Dump Bloomberg! Jobs & housing, not billionaires!
  28. More world, less bank!
  29. $11 trillion debt is not my American Dream!
  30. They get paid off! We get laid off!
  31. Sold out by the bailout!
  32. Real work produces real wealth!
  33. Bank bailouts are socialism for the rich!
  34. Enjoying capitalism yet? (based on the ad/logo: Enjoy Coca-Cola! It's the real thing.)
  35. America, Inc. was-is a criminal enterprise subsidized by thuggish China!
  36. The American Dream is over!
  37. We support Stella d'Oro workers on strike!
  38. No contract, no cookie!
  39. A job is a right! Capitalism doesn't work!
  40. Capitalism is dead!
  1. Power to the people!
  2. Money for food! Money for jobs! Money for health care! Money for education! Money for the people!
  3. We're fired up!
  4. Whose streets? - Our streets!
  5. The people united will never be defeated!
  6. Bail out the people! - Not the banks!
  7. Bail out the workers! - Not the banks!
  8. Bail out the youth! - Not the banks!
  9. Bail out the students! - Not the banks!
  10. Bail out retirees! - Not the banks!
  11. Bail out the union! - Not the banks!
  12. Bail out the poor! - Not the banks!
  13. Bail out the community! - Not the banks!
  14. Bail out women! (and men!) - Not the banks!
  15. Bail out mothers! (and fathers!) - Not the banks!
  16. Bail out the children! - Not the banks!
  17. We're marching to AIG! Why? - 'cause we're angry!