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We'll put the world in your hands. Considering that by 2004 two thirds of the web's 602 million users will live outside the United States so that English will not be the mostly used language on the Net any more, our translation services seem to be quite valuable. We suggest a preference of translation over interpretation, because a written translation (forms, policies, brochures, etc.) is reusable, while a verbal interpretation (with a scarcer availability) is not. More and more companies realize the necessity of localization in an increasingly global market. Website localization is the translation of all text and graphics on your website into a foreign language. Therefore let's take a look at our list of services:
  • translation (hard copy, electronic file, website, software, e-mail)
  • interpretation (depending on availability)
  • desktop publishing (DTP)
  • website design & marketing
  • programming (depending on availability)
  • printing (depending on availability)
Initial meeting on your premises upon request in New York City only.

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